Wraps RFID Wallet Keyring
Wraps Anti-Theft Wallet Key fob
1 key and 2 cards fit inside the Wraps Anti-Theft Key fob wallet
Wraps Anti-Theft and Cloning Wallet - Wraps
Wraps Anti-Theft Pouch Different Sizes - Wraps

Wraps RFID Wallet Keyring

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  • RFID & NFC Signal blocker designed to stop identity theft and car key cloning.
  • Stops contactless card thieves swiping your cards in crowds, shows, airports and stations.
  • Dual pockets ensure you can store all your valuables safely and securely.
  • Attach it to your keyring for maximum convenience.
  • Inside you can store: 1 electronic key and¬†3¬†cards.

The Wraps Anti-Theft Key fob wallet has been designed to ensure the safety and security of your electronic items. The wallet itself is made from a high-quality PU Leather, making it robust and long lasting whilst adding a premium feel. Thanks to its advanced lining, our anti-theft wallet will block the following RFID signals: WIFI, GPS, GSM and NFC.

Inside you will find 2 separate pockets, maximising its usability and storage space. At the front, you can store money or other small non-electrical items. The clever gusset design also allows for expansion of this pocket when you need it.

The secure inner pocket is fully lined with a metallic coating that blocks the scanners from accessing your data. For the signal to be blocked successfully a complete signal must be formed around the inner pocket.

To achieve this, once the wallet is closed and Velcroed shut, we added 2 strong, elasticated wraps that form a very tight fit around the wallet itself. These same wraps can be used to secure the wallet to: rucksacks, straps, bags, belts, wrists and just about anything else.

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